Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Famous Thai Restaurant Shah Alam Experience

A 'new' makan place in Section 9, Shah Alam - Restoran Famous Thai - looks quite grand from outside, is it a new place, must try - my sis is so crazy about Tom Yam (she will start one Tom Yam Blog, soon I guess as soon as she is free - this can be ages) so I said I try first bcoz - I like to try makan in new places but she is the critic - damn, this is not as good as the other restaurant and this will be the first and the last. Anyway, we took the family and went - ordered - of course we will time them from the time they took the order. 25 minutes later, the steam fish came (small) , tau foo crabmeat (medium - so salty) then the Chicken (medium - so sour) and the asparagus belacan (small) I dont know why it was so bitter must be the belacan they used. Ordered chinese tea - never came until we reminded them. The rice itself was okay, although we did not try so many dishes, it was just enough to turn us off. The dining plates out of 7 served 3 was chipped off. The service was oklah bcoz clearing was very fast. Cashier also calculate quite fast - then the bill came - RM163.00 plus plus. Lets's just stick to Orchid Thai Restaurant - for RM150.00 you can eat a whole lot more than that and the Tom Yam we can recommend you - it's excellent. I should not be so critical - hah - the cili padi with soy sauce was quite good though in Famous Thai and that's it.

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